About Ari

My name is Ari B. Oberstein
owner of Eden Funeral Services Miami

Welcome to my website!  I appreciate you getting to know more about my background, mission, and services offered.  I am the only Independent Jewish Funeral Director in Miami-Dade County.  I hold no ties to the publicly traded death care conglomerates.  My services can include affordable burial, cemetery plots, shipping, cremation services, and markers / monuments.  I can perform burials at ALL cemeteries.  Most of my local funerals are held locally at the gravesite, services right on the cemetery grounds.  Where permitted, I can also facilitate funerals held in a synagogue.  No matter what type of arrangements are needed, my mission is to provide personalized and affordable service at all times.  Please get to know me, I am a good community resource at a difficult time.  I am glad to speak with anyone 24 hours a day without obligation.  I take great pride in being there to share my knowledge.  I am a simple and affordable solution.

I was born in New York, NY.  My family moved to Miami (Coconut Grove) in 1977, when I was 4 years old.  I am a graduate of Johnson & Wales University, and The Funeral Service Education program at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL.  I have been active in Funeral Profession since September 1993.  I am a Florida Licensed Funeral Director – Embalmer.  I am also registered with the state of Florida as a Broker of Burial Rights, a person that is authorized to resell cemetery plots.

Over the years, I saw corporate America constantly raising prices, and many families challenged with the thought “how are we going to pay for this?”  There had to be a better way.  Keeping a lower overhead operation, and simplifying the arrangement process translates into cost savings for the community.  I just want to give families personalized service and good value.
    I live in the Kendall area, with my wife Janet, who is a CPA / Attorney, and 2 children Sofia and Abraham, who attend the Temple Beth AM (TBAM) Day School in Pinecrest.  Thank you for getting to know me!  I am here to meet the needs of Main Street, NOT Wall Street!